Friday, November 17, 2017

The Walking Dead LOVES the defenders... look at Michael Rooker holding an RP Defender!

Michael Rooker loves the Defenders!

You know... you never know where your invention might go! Here is Michael Rooker who has a great career in TV and movies. Here is Michael Rooker holding an RP defender self defense weapon during a photo shoot. Here is the story:

A celebrity photographer from Las Vegas purchased several defenders to carry with him. I loved the tools so much he would, on occasion, show them off and since he photographs celebrities it was only natural that he show it off to them too.

At one shoot with Michael and several others he showed them the RP Defender. As I recall the story Mr. Rooker said "what is that?" and the photographer (Brian) said it was a self defense weapon. Mr. Rooker came in behind Brian and went for a rear choke. Being as careful as he could he moved the RP defender down Mr. Rooker's arm and the pain began. Mr. Rooker immediately let him go with some loud "ouchs". He was fascinated with the self defense weapon. Brian contacted me for some "samples" for Mr. Rooker and I was more than happy to comply. The end result is as you see in the picture above from Brian later once Mr. Rooker got his defenders. You never know where your inventions will end up!

Swan Self Defense Weapon
Historically the defenders self defense weapons have gone to war; both in Iraq and Afghanistan! The British SAS unit in Afghanistan loved the Swan and ordered a bunch of them! I have also personally taught members of the US Army and the US Marines. I even taught them at the MACE (Martial Arts Center of Excellences located at Quantico VA).

Also the number of lives that the defender has saved; based on emails to me, are numerous and this is a great thing to have happen. I love the idea of helping people save their lives and give them a fighting chance in a very bad situation.

The Defender has also found itself in the movie/book "the men who stare at goats" where George Clooney plays me in real life. I will provide a link to the cut up from Crazy Rulers of the world and the Goats movie where they pattern Clooney's character after me...
George Clooney with a defender 1 in the movie "the men who stare at goats".
Opening night at the movies of "the men who stare at goats".

Master Peter Brusso is Chapter 8 in the book.

The movie link is above where you can see both video clips showing how they made Clooney's character out of me!

Anyway, you never know where things will go that you invent, write etc... I was also featured in playboy for the same book by author Jon Ronson:

Now I never ever expected to be in Playboy and I'm glad my folks are dead! I had a friend on the set of House that called me with the information and I thought he was kidding. So I went down to a liquor store and purchased a playboy and sure enough... there I was. You never know where things you invent will show up!

In addition to range and frequency of one's inventions I run an online defender store and below is a satisfied customer's picture of his RP defender self defense weapon. He contacted me via Facebook and send me a really good picture of him holding the RP defender that I can use. This one is in black not clear like my first few runs of the tool were. Black does make a statement for sure!

So if you are an inventor or such, know this well "You can never tell where your invention might go!" That is a good thing and a miracle all in the same breath.

Master Peter Brusso

RP Defender from Jody Peek a satisfied customer!

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