Sunday, November 19, 2017

Terrorist on I5 at Oregon and California boarder

Terrorist shooting on I5 at the Oregon/California border

Shooters car on I5 at the border of Oregon and California
Well my first day back up in Yreka we head to Medford for shopping; as we do most every weekend. On the way up there, we ran across some guy that decided to stop his car and start shooting people driving on his side of the roadway.  Someone was smart enough to run him over with their car and stop the incident altogether! But not before he killed at least 2 people. 

So, do you know what to do in a case like this? Let me just ponder a few things for you to think about.

First, if someone is shooting at you head on, it's for sure if you stop you will be in the direct line of fire for some time. If that happens you need to keep below your dashboard and maybe even back away from the shooter to get some distance! You can always adjust the rear-view mirror, while you are down out of the line of fire, to help you in the backup process. It might even happen that they follow you on foot so it’s a must that you can travel safely backwards as far as possible.

Second, if you can’t back up and decide that you need to go forward use your car as a weapon and run their ass over all the time keeping a low profile behind the dash board. You can do this by leaning over in the sit but keep an ability to look out of the windshield. You can also swerve a bit to make it harder to hit you with a round from their weapon. If you can run them over great if not just get past the shooter and make tracks out of there. One thing to keep in mind is not to run into his/her car as it might disable your vehicle. This would result in you not getting out of harm’s way with your car.

Third, if you or your passengers are hit tell them to put pressure on the wounds but don’t stop your focus from getting out of there as safe as you can. You can drive with one hand and with the other cover a wound or the like.

Forth, if your car is disabled and you are within shooters reach, try to stay in the car and seek shelter below the dash board. If you must flee or are outside the car and can’t get away, then it’s important to orient yourself toward the shooter either head or feet toward them; this makes for a smaller target for him/her to hit!

In our case, we passed by just before this happened but harkens back to the San Bernardino terrorist shooting back last year. I was there and at the VA Hospital which went on lockdown. Then the issue came about getting out of the danger zone and gathering improvised weapons for defense if necessary.

It's a good thing to think about how you might respond to these types of situations, so you have a good start on a game plan; just in case you need one. 

I was also in Ireland in 2000 when the hotel I was at was bombed by the IRA. Hmmm, some magnet I am for these things to happen to me or around me!

If you do get up close and personal with a shooter it’s good to have a defender (self defense weapon) or an improvised weapon to give them something to think about. Might as well give them a little bad news down on their head. 

Fighting is certainly better the just being a sheep and get shot to death! If you do have to fight you should try to poke an eye out of the shooter as they don’t do pushups with their eyes and if they can’t see you chances are good they can’t shoot you either. Things to think about for sure!

Master Peter Brusso

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Gordon Gaines said...

This is one of the very many good reasons to move to a free state. And carry a gun. It's not a shield but at least it gives you a fighting chance.