Monday, November 20, 2017

Sold this weekend Self Defense Weapons!

Codes and Conspiracies, Experimental Warriors season 2 episode 6
When ever the codes and conspiracies program, season 2 episode 6 ( experimental warriors, shows I'm in that with the self defense weapon (defender)... I make sales.

What is interesting is what sells once they get to website. As clients get to know the website and all it has to offer many do what I hope they would and purchase one easy defender and one more aggressive defender for their personal use. The easy ones like the guppy... or even a defender 1...

Which allows them to go anywhere with the client. The guppy travels very easily into any high scrutiny area and thus you have a self defense weapon with you at all times.  In this case I sold 1 guppy, 5 defender 1's, and 2 defender 2's...

and that is a very good that people do get both the not so aggressive coupled with an aggressive self defense weapon. We also offer free online self defense weapon training... located here:

You can learn all about how to use the self defense weapon all the while your order is in route to you. There are times that you need something more aggressive in contrast to our standard carry of a defender 1. The tools are inexpensive enough to get the ones you need to support where you are going. I always say if you are going somewhere like a hike where help, if you should need it, can't get to you in within 3 to 5 minutes, you need to have a self defense weapon that can do lots of damage to an attacker in a quick way.

So what are you waiting for?

Get yours today and give yourself a fighting chance to defend yourself.

Master Peter Brusso
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