Sunday, September 27, 2015

Only 5 self defense weapons special packages will be sold!

Self Defense Weapons from
offered at

OK... As some of you know I have been battling some health issues but I'm back on top of everything! Would you expect less? I think not.

Well, as I was thinking it's my 62th birthday in October so I wanted to do something special for my clients/fans. To that end I put together a very special deal. Many clients/fans have one self defense weapon and a few of my videos. Why not offer, for the first time a combination of the two?

So, I thought well lets do best of bred in the self defense weapons and ALL of my online videos. The videos are a life time access to unlimited views and you can download them too if you want.

So, to look more at the offer please head over to my new website or online store at:

Master Peter Brusso