Sunday, July 26, 2015

The RP defender

Self Defense Weapons RP Defender
This is a quick post on the RP defender as we have it over at

The RP self defense weapon arrived from a supporter of the tools. He and his father just like to "mash" things up or ideas. had invested in a set of tools and proceeded through every one to find the elements they like the most. Then they commenced to mash up the concept.

We, on the other hand, had actually been wanting to have a smaller pocket size or debit card size self defense weapon. That being said, when we received the mail from them displaying their "mashup" we were really very pleased at what they accomplished. The individual who mashed it up is Robert Pearson and hence the "RP" defender. The RP self defense weapon is merely 4" long by 2.5" wide so it can easily fit in your pocket. It possesses our conventional 2 holes in it so anyone can attach one of our lanyards effortlessly.

The following factor to check out on the RP defender is the two points on the frontal side; that is the side we point toward the attacker! Those little bad boys will certainly just rip you up! Placed into the soft tissue of a stomach or the like, 1 twist in either direction and your adversary will certainly be yelling! Of course when you perform that your assailant usually lets you go and backs away from you. That is definitely the point and he got two of them!

Also the RP defender possesses our signature soft tissue "saw teeth" which can easily generate a ton of pain and for that reason control of your attacker. It has one point at the bottom which makes for a great way to "smash" into bony areas of the body. This is a great, no nonsense self defense weapon and if you are looking for something that fits in your pocket; then this is a self defense weapon you should have in your collection ... just for the times you might need a little self defense with a bite!

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Master Peter Brusso