Saturday, November 30, 2013

The knock out game... what can you do to not be a victim?

The knockout game ...

Regardless if you believe it or not; one thing is definitely transpiring out there on the streets when people assault off guard victims and strive to knock them out with 1 strike. So be it.

Generally there are definitely a couple of things we can do to not be a target of this sort of crime.

First, intensify your situational awareness. Check the individuals around you and try to keep your mind "in the now" as people move in, around, and behind you. Take a look at them in the eyes and ensure they know you are aware that they are there. This makes you a much more tough target to strike. This also makes you seem much more capable of reacting to the knockout assault with a pistol or other self defense weapon. Absolutely no criminal wishes to attack a more capable victim; particularly if the victim might be armed.

Second, see to it that you provide yourself ample room to respond to an attack. Do not get caught in an alleyway or in a small space in which you can not put some space between you and the assaulter. This technique will definitely give you more time to respond to an attack as well as helps to diminish the "surprise" assault that the criminals are utilizing.

Third, be prepared to defend yourself; do not be caught off-guard. In case you do carry some type of a self defense weapon then have it ready to deploy or maybe have it in your hands at all times. If you are walking and have a coat on, then 1 hand in the jacket pocket with your weapon can certainly go a long way to your self defense situation. Now, in case you have a handgun, then have it ready to use swiftly. If you have pepper spray or one of our defenders; then they can be in your hands ready to use.

In review being prepared and observing exactly what is around you will go a very long way to ensuring you are definitely not the next knockout victim. Additionally, be prepared to defend yourself with whatever weapon you might feel comfortable to use. We of course would recommend one of our self defense weapons but regardless of what you prefer to carry make certain it's ready to go to operate for you!

Master Peter Brusso