Thursday, October 24, 2013

How to survive a carjacking or NOT.

I was doing some research the other day and decided to make a video on how to survive a carjacking. Well, it's more then that as I use and show statistics, places, and strategy. Of course this is all brought to you by the self defense weapons: the defenders. I think its important to watch this video as the holidays are coming up and with the economy the way it is, even the crooks will be looking for a way to make some holiday cash. You don't want to be their employer either!

This topic does bring up some very interesting thoughts; for sure. I think the best strategy is to be super-aware of your surroundings as I always preach. Follow your gut too as many people tent to NOT do that and then get into trouble. Self defense starts in your head first then flows out to your body, etc. So, stay connected to what is happening around you and you will have a far better chance of not getting into a situation like this. And if you do, you must think your way out of it. According to the DOJ there are 87,000 carjackings per year in the US. Don't be a statistic; watch this video and consider purchasing a defender for your person and vehicle. Might just save your life. But even if you don't purchase a defender, watch this video and get all the strategy you need to survive a carjacking.

Master Peter Brusso

Monday, October 14, 2013

A silent defender (self defense weapon) ad that id going on indoor advertising display machines. I have been playing with the "grunge" start up to attract the eye to the ad. I am part of a new start up, imagine that, and we are putting up video display systems that we can push the playlist to from the Internet. Putting up local ads and helping the locals get some business via cross pollination of businesses. So I have been experimenting with "flashy" ads that draw the eye but not to much in face; i.e., tasteful but work.

Master Peter Brusso

What is your life worth?

It’s a fact of life that a large number of arguments in public end up in some sort of altercation. I listen to the police feed from Chicago and I’m just gobsmacked at the amount of physical violence in Chicago. There is everything you can possibly imagine from car accidents with a fight, domestic violence, robberies, altercations, and gang violence.
I thought I have seen it all but every day there is something new. The feed is here at:

So, it’s an unfortunate fact that a large majority of attacks are taken to a physical level. I’m not talking about robbery at gun point or the like, but a physical altercation involves fists etc. 

Now we have several choices to consider for our safety. 

First we can carry a gun. This is extremely problematic on many levels and many people won’t even consider it. If it’s done legal then great. If not legal that is truly problematic. If you are assaulted and use a gun to defend yourself, this in many cases is where your real problems begin. There are so many rules of engagement that you can run afoul of so you really need to know what you can and can’t do.

OK, so we know that a fast majority of fights are purely fists with some mix of knives too. Your basic need to defend yourself still exists. A basic understanding of punches and blocks can be mastered in a short time. I always recommend my “be real series” of DVDs or online learning from my digital online university. The next real level for your self defense really comes from the Defender line of self defense weapons.

Even though you might be able to punch your way out of an altercation to have a force multiplier is the best self defense. The defender self defense weapon is one of the right tools to really know how to use for your safety. In the same way, once you learn the defender there are hundreds of “improvised weapons” that you can find, carry, and use which can accomplish the task of getting you out of a bad situation. 

Take a heavy wooden spoon or even a can opener. That if, used like a defender has devastating result. I plan to have some video available shortly on one of my “improvised defender classes”. For all of you who have purchased defenders and have gone through the defender (self defense weapon training) you understand the basics of how to use improvised weapon. 

Think about it: What is your life worth? It’s only a matter of time before the bad guy comes a calling. What we say at this point is when he does come a calling; give him the bad day with your defender. Get you and your family a defender today if you don't have one. If you do, refresh your training just in case you need it. Always a good thing to do.

Master Peter Brusso

Saturday, October 12, 2013

New Self Defense Weapon site and a great lesson

I have been working on improving the usability of the site. Over the last year I have added many new pages and original content; which is exactly what Google wants to see. Fresh content is king in websites. However, the site grew so big it was difficult to navigate. So, I took a real hard look at keeping it simple.

I was consulting to a computer store this summer and it was fun to watch people come in and look at their menu on the wall. All the options became paralyzing. We need to keep it really simple; I would say. Maybe like 4 choices on a sign so we can get them moving again. I took the owner over to a local restaurant where I know the menu is too large.

I asked the shop owner to start reading out loud all the menu items. The restaurant owner was watching us intently and was fascinated on how long it took us to get through 1/3 of the menu... something over 12 minutes. I stopped the reading out loud and asked the shop owner what he had learned. He said "if it takes me 12 minutes to read 1/3 of the menu, guests at the restaurant would have to take over 30 minutes to read the menu". I said "precisely".

In the restaurant business you would like to turn tables in 30 minutes. That means they read the menu, order, get their food, eat, pay the bill and leave. That way you can set up for many services on a shift. Well, we changed our menu at the computer store to 5 choices. The time at the counter went well and the clients were not paralyzed and afraid to make a wrong choice as they were before. Bingo for me too!

The cobblers kids have no shoes. So I looked at my own site in the eye of making it simple to order and not send visitors in to paralysis. I also took only the best of breed self defense weapons to keep in the online store. This simplified things and I think it really helped the over all site navigation and sales.

Please, if you have been to the old site (red) come visit the new site (blue) and see what I did. Comment here if you can or send me an email letting me know your thoughts and suggestions.

Master Peter Brusso 
Self Defense Weapon
Self Defense Weapons

Wednesday, October 09, 2013

The next Self Defense Weapon ad

And here is the second self defense weapon ad....

More animation and this is what you give to the bad guy when he comes a calling! Self defense weapons can save your life and the lives of your loved ones. Great for your survival kit, grab and go bag, or the like for all you preppers out there. For the preppers I would suggest a more aggressive model which can be found at

There are videos on the site to explain the function of each self defense weapon so you can pick the one you want for your own carry, grab-n-go bag, bug out bag, or survival kit.

For the rest of us the self defense weapon known as a defender 1 will usually do the job for everything we do. However, I have been carrying a defender 2 model when I hike or are in places where there is no cell phone coverage to call for help. Out there it's still the Wild Wild West!

Master Peter Brusso

Monday, October 07, 2013

First Self Defense Weapon Ad

I have been working with a new software that can really animate things so produced a new self defense weapons ad...

A great Self Defense Weapon ad... It was fun to produce this and learn about the "hands" animation. Besides the fact these self defense weapons can save your life, keep you safe knowing you have something to give to the bad guy when he comes a calling, and even stop a mugging dead in its tracks...

Master Peter Brusso