Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Man attacks stay at home mom

This came in off the drudge report...

A woman was viciously attacked in Millburn, New Jersey by a robber inside her home while her three-year-old daughter watched on. A security camera captured the entire, brutal assault on tape.

Crazy home invasion stuff is still on the rise. This was horrible as both mom and child will be affected by this all of their lives.

We all need to get home weapons that we can reach with ease. The defenders fit into that definition. I have many defender 2's around my house but also at the doors where you might find a person pushing in or the like.

In this case he pushed in a back door and came into the house to attack her on the couch, then the floor, then he pushed her down the basement steps...

Wow. Get weaponed up now people.

The defenders are so easy to learn, easy to use and would have changed the outcome, I think, in this situation. Every punch runs into a sharp point, every kick, the same fate, this guy would be bleeding and not having a good day at all; if only for the lack of a defender or such.

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Thursday, June 20, 2013

This poor woman!

I was reading the news today and ran across this article. Basically pan handlers were demanding money from her, a dollar, and she said no. They suddenly attacked her and stabbed her in the chest multiple times. She died at the scene. So sad.

I would hope that this can be a lesson to others to know a few things about how to defend yourself from a knife attack. Simple weapon disarms are a great thing to know.

It's so sad to see this young woman's life end so early and by a pan handler in a public place. So sad.

One take away from this is to learn a little bit of effective best self defense so you can have a fighting chance.  Also if her friend might have had a defender (self defense weapon) this could also have helped in the event.

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Master Peter Brusso

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