Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Travel package for your vacation...

As our summer travel plans structure up, don't forget your safety! We have the perfect solution for your vacation or travel plans; the "travel pack" of  self defense weapons. We suggest you can bring on a "guppy" to any travel vehicle and pack the rest in your check in luggage. Once you are at your destination you can swap out your tools to carry with you. It's always nice to know you have some options for your safety.

Also, we suggest you research the weapons laws where you are going for your destinations. Even with that in mind, defending yourself should be a right no matter where you go. Learn not only the laws but also check to see where you can help; police, counsel facilities, and medical help where ever you go. Google earth is a great tool for this and you should use it! Knowing not only the laws but also the places where you can get help if you should need it.

Enjoy your vacation!!!

Master Peter Brusso

Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Doomsday preppers and survivalist

We got very lucky to be presented on the first page of a survival blog, http://www.survivallife.com/, where we just got "hammered" by visits and orders.

I have been saying that a defender is the best "bug out" or "bug in" friend you will ever have. All doomsday preppers need these inexpensive tools that can save your bacon! Both your hide and your supplies! If you have only a fire arm and maybe a blade for your self defense, a defender is an excellent addition to your kit.

No one really knows what they are and therefor can go anywhere with you, plus you can have them everywhere as they are very inexpensive. Also, with the holster as shown above you can carry them on your person, your gear, or just about anywhere you want!

Survivalists these are great tools as a back up to your primary weapon. If something were to go wrong, even with your back up firearm, you are always armed with one of these weapons! Great for kids too. If you have children who are to young for a firearm, then this is a great option for them to protect themselves.

Please visit our website to see more options...


Master Peter Brusso

Tuesday, May 07, 2013

The First Earth Battalion is BACK!

The First Earth Battalion special is back again! The host website is down and up for sale so I'm offering the limited time FEB Unit defender special back for sale.

It's a limited edition and signed by Master Peter Brusso. So hurry and get yours today! It also has the story of how Master Peter Brusso got involved with the FEB and Jon Ronson from the BBC who is the author of the book "the men who stare at goats". It's a collectors item and thus will carry a good price in the future.

All of this comes to you from our self defense weapon site, PDWS.BIZ, where you can get self defense weapons and training that will save your life.

Enjoy... Master Peter Brusso

Sunday, May 05, 2013

Our new online digital university AND our new knife throwing target

I have wanted to put up an online video university of my DVDs for a long time. I wanted people to get access "instantly" to my DVDs, world wide. The problem has been some devices don't see flash, others don't have the codecs for various formats; it was always something that stopped them. 

Well, I now am serving my videos from You Tube, and I think this will hit the largest amount of people on the web. Also, instant access allows them to get what they want, right now. They can watch as many times as they want, too! 

I have also included a link that will allow them to download the video plus burn their own DVDs for their collection! I think this is the best use of my life saving videos. Also, each video has a trailer showing the quality of each and what you get for your purchase. Money back guarantee too! You can purchase just one video or ALL of them at one low price! So, now, other then just a selfdefense weapon, you can get other life saving, easy to learn, and quick access to my videos. Please visit the online university here click...

This  also allows a person to purchase a single self defense weapon and get online training; while they wait for their self defense weapon to arrive in the mail. Shortens down the time to get proficient with a self defense weapon too. All this could save another life; which my self defense weapons do, everyday around the world. 

Other news is that we have developed another new product; the knife/axe throwing target. It was designed to be portable and fit in the trunk of a small car. Not a smart car mind you but a small car none the less. We are now selling a portable knife/axe throwing target and shipping via UPS. There isn't anything like it on the market either. You can even set this up in an apartment, anywhere in the world! Dress it up and it will make for a great conversation piece; as well as, a great knife target. No more do you need these big bulky pieces of trees and such to have a knife throwing target. Check it out here. http://www.knifethrowingtarget.com..


Master Peter Brusso