Saturday, December 14, 2013

Saturday, November 30, 2013

The knock out game... what can you do to not be a victim?

The knockout game ...

Regardless if you believe it or not; one thing is definitely transpiring out there on the streets when people assault off guard victims and strive to knock them out with 1 strike. So be it.

Generally there are definitely a couple of things we can do to not be a target of this sort of crime.

First, intensify your situational awareness. Check the individuals around you and try to keep your mind "in the now" as people move in, around, and behind you. Take a look at them in the eyes and ensure they know you are aware that they are there. This makes you a much more tough target to strike. This also makes you seem much more capable of reacting to the knockout assault with a pistol or other self defense weapon. Absolutely no criminal wishes to attack a more capable victim; particularly if the victim might be armed.

Second, see to it that you provide yourself ample room to respond to an attack. Do not get caught in an alleyway or in a small space in which you can not put some space between you and the assaulter. This technique will definitely give you more time to respond to an attack as well as helps to diminish the "surprise" assault that the criminals are utilizing.

Third, be prepared to defend yourself; do not be caught off-guard. In case you do carry some type of a self defense weapon then have it ready to deploy or maybe have it in your hands at all times. If you are walking and have a coat on, then 1 hand in the jacket pocket with your weapon can certainly go a long way to your self defense situation. Now, in case you have a handgun, then have it ready to use swiftly. If you have pepper spray or one of our defenders; then they can be in your hands ready to use.

In review being prepared and observing exactly what is around you will go a very long way to ensuring you are definitely not the next knockout victim. Additionally, be prepared to defend yourself with whatever weapon you might feel comfortable to use. We of course would recommend one of our self defense weapons but regardless of what you prefer to carry make certain it's ready to go to operate for you!

Master Peter Brusso

Thursday, October 24, 2013

How to survive a carjacking or NOT.

I was doing some research the other day and decided to make a video on how to survive a carjacking. Well, it's more then that as I use and show statistics, places, and strategy. Of course this is all brought to you by the self defense weapons: the defenders. I think its important to watch this video as the holidays are coming up and with the economy the way it is, even the crooks will be looking for a way to make some holiday cash. You don't want to be their employer either!

This topic does bring up some very interesting thoughts; for sure. I think the best strategy is to be super-aware of your surroundings as I always preach. Follow your gut too as many people tent to NOT do that and then get into trouble. Self defense starts in your head first then flows out to your body, etc. So, stay connected to what is happening around you and you will have a far better chance of not getting into a situation like this. And if you do, you must think your way out of it. According to the DOJ there are 87,000 carjackings per year in the US. Don't be a statistic; watch this video and consider purchasing a defender for your person and vehicle. Might just save your life. But even if you don't purchase a defender, watch this video and get all the strategy you need to survive a carjacking.

Master Peter Brusso

Monday, October 14, 2013

A silent defender (self defense weapon) ad that id going on indoor advertising display machines. I have been playing with the "grunge" start up to attract the eye to the ad. I am part of a new start up, imagine that, and we are putting up video display systems that we can push the playlist to from the Internet. Putting up local ads and helping the locals get some business via cross pollination of businesses. So I have been experimenting with "flashy" ads that draw the eye but not to much in face; i.e., tasteful but work.

Master Peter Brusso

What is your life worth?

It’s a fact of life that a large number of arguments in public end up in some sort of altercation. I listen to the police feed from Chicago and I’m just gobsmacked at the amount of physical violence in Chicago. There is everything you can possibly imagine from car accidents with a fight, domestic violence, robberies, altercations, and gang violence.
I thought I have seen it all but every day there is something new. The feed is here at:

So, it’s an unfortunate fact that a large majority of attacks are taken to a physical level. I’m not talking about robbery at gun point or the like, but a physical altercation involves fists etc. 

Now we have several choices to consider for our safety. 

First we can carry a gun. This is extremely problematic on many levels and many people won’t even consider it. If it’s done legal then great. If not legal that is truly problematic. If you are assaulted and use a gun to defend yourself, this in many cases is where your real problems begin. There are so many rules of engagement that you can run afoul of so you really need to know what you can and can’t do.

OK, so we know that a fast majority of fights are purely fists with some mix of knives too. Your basic need to defend yourself still exists. A basic understanding of punches and blocks can be mastered in a short time. I always recommend my “be real series” of DVDs or online learning from my digital online university. The next real level for your self defense really comes from the Defender line of self defense weapons.

Even though you might be able to punch your way out of an altercation to have a force multiplier is the best self defense. The defender self defense weapon is one of the right tools to really know how to use for your safety. In the same way, once you learn the defender there are hundreds of “improvised weapons” that you can find, carry, and use which can accomplish the task of getting you out of a bad situation. 

Take a heavy wooden spoon or even a can opener. That if, used like a defender has devastating result. I plan to have some video available shortly on one of my “improvised defender classes”. For all of you who have purchased defenders and have gone through the defender (self defense weapon training) you understand the basics of how to use improvised weapon. 

Think about it: What is your life worth? It’s only a matter of time before the bad guy comes a calling. What we say at this point is when he does come a calling; give him the bad day with your defender. Get you and your family a defender today if you don't have one. If you do, refresh your training just in case you need it. Always a good thing to do.

Master Peter Brusso

Saturday, October 12, 2013

New Self Defense Weapon site and a great lesson

I have been working on improving the usability of the site. Over the last year I have added many new pages and original content; which is exactly what Google wants to see. Fresh content is king in websites. However, the site grew so big it was difficult to navigate. So, I took a real hard look at keeping it simple.

I was consulting to a computer store this summer and it was fun to watch people come in and look at their menu on the wall. All the options became paralyzing. We need to keep it really simple; I would say. Maybe like 4 choices on a sign so we can get them moving again. I took the owner over to a local restaurant where I know the menu is too large.

I asked the shop owner to start reading out loud all the menu items. The restaurant owner was watching us intently and was fascinated on how long it took us to get through 1/3 of the menu... something over 12 minutes. I stopped the reading out loud and asked the shop owner what he had learned. He said "if it takes me 12 minutes to read 1/3 of the menu, guests at the restaurant would have to take over 30 minutes to read the menu". I said "precisely".

In the restaurant business you would like to turn tables in 30 minutes. That means they read the menu, order, get their food, eat, pay the bill and leave. That way you can set up for many services on a shift. Well, we changed our menu at the computer store to 5 choices. The time at the counter went well and the clients were not paralyzed and afraid to make a wrong choice as they were before. Bingo for me too!

The cobblers kids have no shoes. So I looked at my own site in the eye of making it simple to order and not send visitors in to paralysis. I also took only the best of breed self defense weapons to keep in the online store. This simplified things and I think it really helped the over all site navigation and sales.

Please, if you have been to the old site (red) come visit the new site (blue) and see what I did. Comment here if you can or send me an email letting me know your thoughts and suggestions.

Master Peter Brusso 
Self Defense Weapon
Self Defense Weapons

Wednesday, October 09, 2013

The next Self Defense Weapon ad

And here is the second self defense weapon ad....

More animation and this is what you give to the bad guy when he comes a calling! Self defense weapons can save your life and the lives of your loved ones. Great for your survival kit, grab and go bag, or the like for all you preppers out there. For the preppers I would suggest a more aggressive model which can be found at

There are videos on the site to explain the function of each self defense weapon so you can pick the one you want for your own carry, grab-n-go bag, bug out bag, or survival kit.

For the rest of us the self defense weapon known as a defender 1 will usually do the job for everything we do. However, I have been carrying a defender 2 model when I hike or are in places where there is no cell phone coverage to call for help. Out there it's still the Wild Wild West!

Master Peter Brusso

Monday, October 07, 2013

First Self Defense Weapon Ad

I have been working with a new software that can really animate things so produced a new self defense weapons ad...

A great Self Defense Weapon ad... It was fun to produce this and learn about the "hands" animation. Besides the fact these self defense weapons can save your life, keep you safe knowing you have something to give to the bad guy when he comes a calling, and even stop a mugging dead in its tracks...

Master Peter Brusso

Saturday, August 24, 2013

An international video fan and self defense thoughts

Just the other day I was talking to an interested Sensei type with an extensive martial arts background. Even though we come at self defense from different directions we seem to to always meet in the middle where things have to work for our safety.

He became an self defense weapon instructor and is introducing it to his Dojo and self defense classes. He is even very interested in our online digital university even with his different tack to the martial arts, he added to his skill set. This is a very unusual Sensei and I'm really happy to meet him. Keeping an open mind with your self defense is important and realize that you can add to your skill sets from various other points of view. Now for our international fan video...


Master Peter Brusso

Friday, August 23, 2013

Our first video press release

I had a fan do a video press release for the defender self defense weapon. It was really fun to see him at work and the people in the back of the room were excited with the self defense weapons..

Master Peter Brusso

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Home invasion and a self defense video fan

I was reading the San Jose news this weekend and ran across a home invasion story. Basically it's just like most of the others where bad guys smash in a house, grab the home owners, then ransack the place for goods. In and out in 30 minutes. Wow... now for some thoughts...

First I think everyone should have a way to defend themselves. This is true no matter where you go or are. Get in your mind that you are the weapon. Yes! You are the weapon. In addition to the defender you can also learn other self defense techniques; plus other ways to use your self defense weapon. I have a great online university so you can expand your self defense skills.

And here is another self defense weapon fan!


Master Peter Brusso

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Vacation, tourists, and a fan video!

Wow... we have been getting some great fan videos lately... let me share them with the readers here; but that will be in a moment.

I have been tracking and talking to lots of people who are on vacation or traveling. The defenders have made their mark out there; protecting and serving people who get attacked by bad guys. Yes, all over the world there are bad guys who prey on tourists and visitors. So, I'm encouraging my defender clients to take advantage of my digital university too. There are many great online videos that can help you stay safe. The link is here Now on with the fan video


Master Peter Brusso
Self Defense Weapon

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Man attacks stay at home mom

This came in off the drudge report...

A woman was viciously attacked in Millburn, New Jersey by a robber inside her home while her three-year-old daughter watched on. A security camera captured the entire, brutal assault on tape.

Crazy home invasion stuff is still on the rise. This was horrible as both mom and child will be affected by this all of their lives.

We all need to get home weapons that we can reach with ease. The defenders fit into that definition. I have many defender 2's around my house but also at the doors where you might find a person pushing in or the like.

In this case he pushed in a back door and came into the house to attack her on the couch, then the floor, then he pushed her down the basement steps...

Wow. Get weaponed up now people.

The defenders are so easy to learn, easy to use and would have changed the outcome, I think, in this situation. Every punch runs into a sharp point, every kick, the same fate, this guy would be bleeding and not having a good day at all; if only for the lack of a defender or such.

here is the link:

Master Peter Brusso
self defense weapon

Thursday, June 20, 2013

This poor woman!

I was reading the news today and ran across this article. Basically pan handlers were demanding money from her, a dollar, and she said no. They suddenly attacked her and stabbed her in the chest multiple times. She died at the scene. So sad.

I would hope that this can be a lesson to others to know a few things about how to defend yourself from a knife attack. Simple weapon disarms are a great thing to know.

It's so sad to see this young woman's life end so early and by a pan handler in a public place. So sad.

One take away from this is to learn a little bit of effective best self defense so you can have a fighting chance.  Also if her friend might have had a defender (self defense weapon) this could also have helped in the event.

Please read the article link below...

Master Peter Brusso

Read the article here...

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Travel package for your vacation...

As our summer travel plans structure up, don't forget your safety! We have the perfect solution for your vacation or travel plans; the "travel pack" of  self defense weapons. We suggest you can bring on a "guppy" to any travel vehicle and pack the rest in your check in luggage. Once you are at your destination you can swap out your tools to carry with you. It's always nice to know you have some options for your safety.

Also, we suggest you research the weapons laws where you are going for your destinations. Even with that in mind, defending yourself should be a right no matter where you go. Learn not only the laws but also check to see where you can help; police, counsel facilities, and medical help where ever you go. Google earth is a great tool for this and you should use it! Knowing not only the laws but also the places where you can get help if you should need it.

Enjoy your vacation!!!

Master Peter Brusso

Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Doomsday preppers and survivalist

We got very lucky to be presented on the first page of a survival blog,, where we just got "hammered" by visits and orders.

I have been saying that a defender is the best "bug out" or "bug in" friend you will ever have. All doomsday preppers need these inexpensive tools that can save your bacon! Both your hide and your supplies! If you have only a fire arm and maybe a blade for your self defense, a defender is an excellent addition to your kit.

No one really knows what they are and therefor can go anywhere with you, plus you can have them everywhere as they are very inexpensive. Also, with the holster as shown above you can carry them on your person, your gear, or just about anywhere you want!

Survivalists these are great tools as a back up to your primary weapon. If something were to go wrong, even with your back up firearm, you are always armed with one of these weapons! Great for kids too. If you have children who are to young for a firearm, then this is a great option for them to protect themselves.

Please visit our website to see more options...


Master Peter Brusso

Tuesday, May 07, 2013

The First Earth Battalion is BACK!

The First Earth Battalion special is back again! The host website is down and up for sale so I'm offering the limited time FEB Unit defender special back for sale.

It's a limited edition and signed by Master Peter Brusso. So hurry and get yours today! It also has the story of how Master Peter Brusso got involved with the FEB and Jon Ronson from the BBC who is the author of the book "the men who stare at goats". It's a collectors item and thus will carry a good price in the future.

All of this comes to you from our self defense weapon site, PDWS.BIZ, where you can get self defense weapons and training that will save your life.

Enjoy... Master Peter Brusso

Sunday, May 05, 2013

Our new online digital university AND our new knife throwing target

I have wanted to put up an online video university of my DVDs for a long time. I wanted people to get access "instantly" to my DVDs, world wide. The problem has been some devices don't see flash, others don't have the codecs for various formats; it was always something that stopped them. 

Well, I now am serving my videos from You Tube, and I think this will hit the largest amount of people on the web. Also, instant access allows them to get what they want, right now. They can watch as many times as they want, too! 

I have also included a link that will allow them to download the video plus burn their own DVDs for their collection! I think this is the best use of my life saving videos. Also, each video has a trailer showing the quality of each and what you get for your purchase. Money back guarantee too! You can purchase just one video or ALL of them at one low price! So, now, other then just a selfdefense weapon, you can get other life saving, easy to learn, and quick access to my videos. Please visit the online university here click...

This  also allows a person to purchase a single self defense weapon and get online training; while they wait for their self defense weapon to arrive in the mail. Shortens down the time to get proficient with a self defense weapon too. All this could save another life; which my self defense weapons do, everyday around the world. 

Other news is that we have developed another new product; the knife/axe throwing target. It was designed to be portable and fit in the trunk of a small car. Not a smart car mind you but a small car none the less. We are now selling a portable knife/axe throwing target and shipping via UPS. There isn't anything like it on the market either. You can even set this up in an apartment, anywhere in the world! Dress it up and it will make for a great conversation piece; as well as, a great knife target. No more do you need these big bulky pieces of trees and such to have a knife throwing target. Check it out here.


Master Peter Brusso 

Tuesday, January 08, 2013

More killed with...

As the gun control issue continues to heat up and bend in all kinds of ways, I ran across this interesting article where more people were killed with hammers, clubs, and fists then with rifles or shotguns. The stats come from the FBI so I would think they are accurate in nature. It is still my strong belief that a (self defense weaponDefender needs to be part of ones security tools. Although, this might also open people up to a simple way to defend themselves like my Be Real DVD series which helps you learn some simple self defense techniques that don't require strength etc. That all said, take a look at this article as it's interesting to balance the gun debate.

Master Peter Brusso