Friday, October 12, 2012

I have gone nuts

Hey all, its Master Brusso here. I was out for a walk this morning, taking a break from working on the newsletter and I was just thinking along when it hit me. I have been asked to bundle the defenders, in the past, and I never knew what to do with that. Then it hit me! Bundle them all, everything I do, get it all… I’m nuts… then I went back and started to work on what I could do to answer the mail. Well, I made a page and put it up on the site however… I wasn’t thinking big enough… I did a presale discount on top of the bundled discount… I showed the webpage to a few and shoot… I offered 15 limited time offers and sold 3 right off the bat… so go take a look here as there is only 12 left. This makes a great gift or Xmas gift too..

Master Peter Brusso