Monday, April 30, 2012

Summer time is coming and that means vacations

Vacations are coming up and you have to think about your safety. So, in that thought I want to recommend that you consider two things. First, is to learn to use a defender and carry several with you on your vacation. If you travel by air, just put them in your check on bags for safe keeping. If you want to carry one on the plane I would suggest a "guppy" model. Also, remember if you get one taken away, I will replace it at no charge to you. Second, I would learn some simple self defense techniques. I have two very good DVDs that can really help you if you need to defend yourself. One is simple weapons disarms and the other is Be Real, both are wonderful, easy to learn and extremely effective. All with a money back guarantee as well.

Always remember that you are going into the "bad guys" home or back yard when you are on vacation. So, it's important to use all your "awareness" skills to keep yourself safe. Also look into clothes that have concealed pockets for your money or valuables. Also, keep one wallet that looks real and has some cash in it so if you are held up you can give the dummy wallet instead of your real one. Make your dummy wallet look real by adding some out of date credit cards, etc to it so it can pass a quick inspection before the bad guys leave you.

If approached by the bad guys, remember to never go with them. That is the start of a horror film and you would rather stand your ground where you are then to be kidnapped. It is your choice but I would rather stand my ground then be tied up and killed. Horrible topics to discuss but your safety is paramount and your loved ones might just have to count on your split second choices... so think of them in advance and it helps you react quickly.

Stay safe

Master Peter Brusso

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Survival Podcasts

Lately I have been listening to survival podcasts and watching "doomsday preppers" on Nat Geo. I think I have always been a prepper as visible by my martial arts orientation. I am watching what the preppers are doing for their self defense. Most are very well prepared to defend themselves and their safe house. It depends on ones survival orientation but there could be times when you don't want to have a lethal response. A non lethal option is a possibility and I have two thoughts.

First, I think all preppers should know how to disarm weapons from aggressors. I have a DVD called simple weapons disarms that I would highly recommend. Another DVD that I would recommend is the Be Real series. Learning how to throw a knife might also be a very useful skill for a prepper but I digress.

Second, obviously a self defense weapon "defender" but other things could be pepper spray or even "wasp spray".  One thing nice about wasp spray is that it can be double duty; that is as wasp spray or a self defense tool. Even in the wind or rain, wasp spray does a good job and it doesn't cause permanent damage. Bear level pepper spray might also be the one to carry for a non lethal situation.

One good podcast I have been following is survival tech.  You can find it in iTunes so you can listen to their informative podcast. I have learned lots from this podcast and I'm sure you will also enjoy it.

Stay safe out there and never leave home without your defender!

Peter Brusso

Saturday, April 07, 2012

Be aware of your surroundings

This is a tragic case. It plainly shows that one needs to always be aware of ones surroundings. Situational surroundings are very important and you must always keep your guard up, antenna up, and your gut feelings working. In this situation these victims might have noticed the attacker, since they knew him, just before he made his run to shoot them. They might not have been sitting ducks. One can't be for sure but with your awareness up it does give you some advanced warning to things going wrong. A good thing to practice in your self defense skill mix.

Master Peter Brusso

Friday, April 06, 2012

The need for ....

Here in this article shows the basic need for weapons disarms. Everyone should know simple weapons disarms as part of their over all self defense! As you can see in this article violence is springing up everywhere and not only when you are in a bad area. A defender or self defense weapon would have worked well in this situation too so both things should be considered for your safety.. enjoy

Master Peter Brusso

attempted extortion

This is an unbelievable account of home invasion in the worst kind of way... from the inside. If she had a defender or self defense weapon... it might have been different but one has to consider these things when your safety is at hand..

Master Peter Brusso

Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Can you believe this?

Federal officials say security screeners at New York's Kennedy Airport caught a man trying to smuggle a knife onto a flight by plunging it into a full tub of mayonnaise.
A Transportation Security Administration spokeswoman says screeners stopped the man Tuesday as he arrived for a trip to Mexico City.

The hiding spot was poorly chosen. Jars of mayonnaise are also banned from carry-on luggage in the U.S.
The TSA considers mayo to be a liquid or gel. That means passengers can't bring it aboard unless the container holds less than 3.4 ounces.

TSA spokeswoman Lisa Farbstein says Port Authority Police confiscated both the knife and the mayonnaise. They still allowed the man to catch his plane.