Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Jackson County seeks young woman who disappeared in 2002

This is just sad but illustrates that we need to give our children a fighting chance. A self defense weapon might have stopped what ever happened for this poor girl. I have always been a strong advocate of self defense, plus women's self defense, and this is a case in point! Unless she went away or ran away, something isn't right about this article.

Jackson County seeks young woman who disappeared in 2002: From Glenn E. Rice: Jackson County authorities are seeking the public’s assistance in finding a girl who disappeared nearly nine years ago. Kathryn Sholly Seefeldt lived in the 19000 block of 18th Street North in unincorporated Jackson County, outside Independence....

Master Peter Brusso

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Sister of man murdered in Love Field area of Dallas says brother was devoted father, son

It makes you stop and think about training for self defense and multiple attackers. I have always started people out one on one, then add attackers and show the dynamics of the fight and how not to stay in the middle, where you will be defeated. Always move to the outside and keep attackers in between each other so you only have to fight 1.5 people at a time. I hate to see a story like this as this poor man should have been able to defend himself, but at last, more then one attackers is a special situation that we face more often then not. A self defense weapon also would assist in doing damage even to a knife holding attacker.... Good food for thought in this story... Also knowledge of simple weapons disarms might have helped too... its good to have many things to draw on for your best self defense.

Sister of man murdered in Love Field area of Dallas says brother was devoted father, son:
The sister of a 46-year-old man found stabbed to death Friday morning outside a Love Field area apartment complex said their family is in shock over the violent loss of the devoted father.

"Martin did not have any enemies," said his sister, Rosemary Segura. "It is still like this is a nightmare. We need to wake up."

Coronado was stabbed multiple times in the chest about 5:40 a.m. at an apartment complex in the 1800 block of West Mockingbird Lane near Harry Hines Boulevard. Coronado was at the complex to pick up his 17-year-old daughter and take her to school.

He had just gotten off of work at Con-way freight, where he was a trucker for the past 18 years, Segura said. As of Friday, police had not ruled out robbery as a possible motive.

Coronado was a big man and his sister said she believes it would have taken more than one person to take her brother down so violently.

"Martin would have fought," she said. "I know he would have. We think it was probably more than one [killer]."

Coronado is married to a niece of Dallas Mayor Pro Tem Pauline Medrano, who is also the chair of the Dallas City Council Public Safety Committee. But Segura said her brother has been separated from the mayor pro tem's niece for six years and they want him remembered for more than his connection to the politically powerful family.

Coronado was a lifelong Dallas resident who loved riding his Harley motorcycle and was dedicated to his daughter and 21-year-old son, Segura said.

In addition to his sister and and children, Coronado is also survived by his mother and five brothers. Funeral arrangements are pending.
--Scott Goldstein / Reporter

Monday, September 19, 2011

Dallas County constable won't release names of those he fired

Crime.... even at the level of the police! Good that you can count on your self defense weapon! enjoy the read and close your mouth, like I had to when I read this...

Dallas County constable won't release names of those he fired:
Evans19.JPG Dallas County Constable Derick Evans refuses to release the names of 11 deputies he fired for allegedly falsifying official documents.
Evans fired the deputies after launching his own investigation into deputies in his Precinct 1 office who serve civil court papers.
In June, I requested the names under Texas' open records law.
I recently got a response from the district attorney's office civil division, which handles open records requests for county elected officials.
"Please be advised that the constable has no responsive documents to your request," Michele Tapia, of the DA's Office, wrote in her letter.
A total of 16 deputies were fired after the auditor expanded the investigation to all five constable offices.
Evans is being accused of retaliating against deputies who came forward to report allegations of wrongdoing against him that led to his indictment in December on a number of felony charges.

Precinct 3 Constable Ben Adamcik did supply information about the deputy he fired.

Precinct 2 Constable Michael Gothard provided details about the three deputies he fired.

Precinct 4 Constable Roy Williams said he did not have anything that was responsive to my request.

The county initially tried to withhold the names of those fired, but the Texas Attorney General ruled that it was public information that should be released.

--Kevin Krause/Reporter

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Bank robber apparently not a big Kenny Rogers fan

Off topic but when I'm doing research for the blog, I run across news that is just too good to let go. Here, not connected to a self defense weapon in any sort is a one of the most stupid robbers that I have heard of.... enjoy

Bank robber apparently not a big Kenny Rogers fan:
Yesterday afternoon, a man -- unmasked, apparently -- robbed a downtown Beaumont bank. It was less than a mile from the police department, so police weren't long in getting there. And if they had left their CSI kit at the station, it probably wouldn't have mattered much. According to the Beaumont Enterprise:

Officers who were dispatched to the scene found a man counting money on a sidewalk a few blocks away with "bulging" pockets.

A gambler, indeed.
--Jason Trahan/Reporter

Sunday, September 04, 2011

App on Craigslist seller's stolen iPad helps authorities track robbers to Dallas

You have to love this! Again, off topic a bit as it isn't about a self defense weapon but this is a nice story of where technology wins out over the bad guys! It does fall into the category of "best self defense"!One other thing it points out is having strangers come to your house from online sales sites. You must always be prepared for these type of home invasion, as it is one.... a home robbery and thus you need to take safe guards against this type of attack.... Make sure and visit our sister site of for more tips on counter home invasion... here is the article.

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An Ellis County man used an app on his stolen iPad to help police track down a group of armed robbers.

WFAA-TV (Channel 8) talked to the man, who asked that his name not be used, about a sale on Craigslist that didn't go as planned.

The robbers showed up at the man's Ovilla house, presumably to buy his MacBook, which he'd listed for sale on the auction website.

It soon became clear that they had no intention of paying for the computer, and they also demanded his iPad, at gunpoint.

Fortunately for the victim, he'd downloaded a "find my iPhone" application that allowed police to track the robbers.

They were arrested on the Dallas North Tollway 45 minutes after the robbery.

Watch Channel 8's full report below:

--Matt Peterson/Editor

Saturday, September 03, 2011

The defenders continue to amaze people

The defenders continue to amaze people with their ease of use but more importantly how effective they are in stopping someone trying to hurt you.

Recently, about every day this last week, I have been demonstrating the tools for police, military and civilians. The most amazing thing was the hand gun disarm from a sheriff. I give him an air-soft gun and told to shoot me as soon as I move. I stood with my hands up then made my move, the gun dam near flew out his hands and into mine. He experienced such great pain that his mind just opened his hand! I'm not saying this to act like a big man or bragging but the techniques just plainly work and work very well.

What did I do? I simply controlled the muzzle of the weapon with a cupped hand, and moved the edge of the defender onto his thumb and pressed against the thumb bone and the handle. The handle is a "non compressible surface" and so is the edge of the defender. The thumb bone, on the other hand isn't. So, the pain felt in the thumb is massive and you just want to let go and get away from the pain. He can't turn the weapon back on you as you control where its pointing, all they can do is let go! It happens so fast your mind doesn't have time to get around what is happening. Kind of like when you are getting burned you just instinctively react, well, this is the same thing. Your mind goes into a survival mode and you drop the gun, which I then rotate out of the hand and presto.

Now, I'm not suggesting you run around and weapons disarms for fun but if you have to do one, it's good to know what to do. A self defense weapon is an excellent tool to perform such and save your life or the life of your loved ones. The self defense weapon is also a very good tool to counter home invasion attempts. Also, of course, a self defense weapon is one one personal defence item you have in your mix of self defense tools.

Lastly you should get some capability to do and understand the physical mechanics of weapons disarms. It is better to know how to disarm someone if you really need it rather then becoming a victim or a statistic. Home invasion doesn't usually end to well and you need any chance to fight your way back to safety.

Master Peter Brusso