Sunday, July 31, 2011

The things or points to contemplate when it comes to your house self defence.

I wanted to share this article with the defender group. I posted a similar article over on the home self defence blog. But thought all of you might find this a good read too..

First, you have to determine the aggression level you are willing to dish out. What I'm tell you here is that you have to live with yourself when it comes down to how much damage to another human being you are willing to live with. Now realize that in a home assault or home robbery, the morons are not there to fix you supper and or tuck you into bed at night with a cup of hot coco. They typically mean to rob you at the minimum and they have no issue harming you in the in the process of this robbery. So you have to decide what level you are willing to live with in your own families self protection. Once you have that clear, then you can start to realize your “layered” options for your own residence self protection. If you are not willing to take a life then a shotgun is out of the question. Also, if you are not willing to risk the death of your unwanted guests, then tasers might be also be off the plan.

Second, with your “rules of engagement” defined, you next have to look at your house self protection as a layered methodology. What I'm pointing out here is that you must choose implements of self defense that span across the range of attack. Specifically, you should have some long distance kit, medium range implements of self defense, and up close range tools in your mix of tools.

The third thing you should do is form a plan of attack, so to speak. Run by means of numerous scenarios of your response to the criminals. By working with these scenarios you are able to location your kit where you can access them. This will give you a fighting opportunity.

It's very essential to contemplate your tools and then also the many scenarios that go along with house self defense. That is, if the home invasion morons show up at the door and activate the doorbell, what will you do? Or if they break through the back door and enter into your residence, what are you going to do? Where will you be, in the living room? So, you see it is extremely essential to think about, not only the weapons for your self protection, but also the different scenarios of a achievable home invasion or house robbery. I would commence to think about each scenario and figure out what gear you have within ones own reach. If you know about improvised weapons at all, you will rapidly notice that several household items can function, really properly, as a self defense tool. If you study pressure points then you can also use widespread residence items to exploit these pressure points and thus stopping or at least, make the home invasion morons contemplate twice about attacking you or your loved ones.

In closing, it’s each essential to contemplate your self defense weapons by stand off range and have a great layered mix of them in your residence self defense plan. Also, by exploring your different home invasion scenarios you can best determine where you may spot your tools and have a strategy to utilize them. Get a self defense weapon as a minimum... one for every room so you are always close to it!

Master Peter Brusso

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Police: Couple tries to catch some 'alone time' ... in a pool full of people

I couldn't believe this! Now, think about it.. if you had a defender or self defense weapon... in your hand when you left the car... you stand a better chance to deal with unwanted visitors, whom have access to your guns, tools or other things in your house.. they were there first...

Police: Couple tries to catch some 'alone time' ... in a pool full of people: "It's just like that famous scene from "Here To Eternity": An Indiana couple is accused of having sex in a swimming pool filled with other people. Witnesses told police that shenanigans ensued for nearly 30 minutes. Makes peeing in the..."

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Hiking and personal safety… part 1

Summer and autumn hiking is most likely the best there is! However, with the overall economy, the actual way it is, far more people will probably be hiking as it is affordable to perform. With this produces much more of an element of opportunists (the bad guys), whom share the paths along with you. And there are more factors to hiking that may be really dangerous. Having said that, we still all desire to benefit from the out-of-doors so here are a few thoughts for making your hiking more safe.

First recognize you're out side the aid of law enforcement, sheriffs or park rangers. Indeed, they are able to reach you but realize it might not be for hours and hours. Hours, you say? Indeed, several hours and in that time awful things may happen to an individual or their loved ones.

Second, often times your mobile phones do not have coverage within the rural area’s exactly where trails are prevalent. So, you will possibly not even be able to call for help.

Third, recognize you need to depend on you and only you, as your 1st line of defense and your survival. This is dependent on considering some kind of self-defense weapon but what one?

Now where to start?

Understand that assaults come in stages or distances. Someone or some thing will have to close in on you to harm you. So, best to intercept assaults from a longer distance if at all possible. Handguns are ideal for this however, not all park systems permit this sort of item so you are left with several options. Bear pepper spray is one, however in rain or wind, limited if any help you'll have. Strangely enough “wasp” spray is very effective in both conditions where pepper spray doesn’t. However, it has a chance to really damage what ever is attacking you and some say hey, that’s fine with me… it’s an individual decision.

You might like to have a walking stick and learn to utilize it as part of your defense. Walking sticks, or staffs, have already been utilized successfully for years and years both in Asia and europe. Why don't you dust off that ole favorite and learn how to protect your self by using it. At the end of this article will be a link to where one can read more instruction. Now, if a staff is simply too large for you personally consider using a 36” walking stick…. Also it can provide you with superb stand off capability for most of the factors, that might come to harm you. From people to creatures, a 36” stick can be quite handy to have about.

I'll produce other articles or blog posts, which still include options for hiking. But this really is great brain food that you should think about and do some investigation on the 36” walking stick (Hanbo) or perhaps a 5-6 foot staff. Later I will also bring in the self defense weapon "the defenders" for you hiking needs.

Master Peter Brusso

Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Man fires bottle rocket at police in southeast Dallas apartment complex

The stupid things people do! Again, was reading crime blogs and even though this doesn't fit our defender theme or our best self defense concepts, this does fit in "glad I wasn't this stupid"... enjoy and remember our 4th of July sale goes on all month..

Master Peter Brusso

Man fires bottle rocket at police in southeast Dallas apartment complex: "

A man shot a bottle rocket at a Dallas police squad car Monday night, hitting an officer who was trying to break up an illegal fireworks celebration at a southeast Dallas apartment complex.

Officers arrived at the Creekside Villas in the 300 block of North Jim Miller Road around 9:30 p.m. after receiving a tip from a neighboring complex that fireworks were being shot off to celebrate Independence Day.

Police found a crowd of about 100 people in the complex's southern portion. When several people began shooting fireworks into the air, officers tried to disperse the group by driving toward them.

Then an unidentified man fired a bottle rocket at a squad car, hitting an officer in the arm, police said.

Police briefly chased the man on foot before losing sight of him. By that time, the crowd had broken up, so officers were unable to take additional action.

The officer didn't need medical attention, police said.

--Tom Benning / Reporter"

Friday, July 01, 2011

Sometimes you're the windshield, sometimes you're the innocent pedestrian stuck in the windshield

This is not what I usually post here but this was just so unreal!!!!

Sometimes you're the windshield, sometimes you're the innocent pedestrian stuck in the windshield: "There are only a few rules for what you should do after accidentally hitting a pedestrian. Top of the list: Stop your car, especially if the pedestrian is stuck in your windshield."

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