Saturday, November 06, 2010

COMPSTAT Citywide Profile

Take a look at these stats... a defender would lower three categories... Rape, Robbery and Agg Assaults!!!! Self defense is very important and you should never just rely on police or the like for your personal self defense. Become proactive... Carry a defender 1 or defender 2 at least.... enjoy...

COMPSTAT Citywide Profile: "

Crime Statistics October 19 , 2010

VIOLENT CRIMES 2010** 2009** % Chg

Homicide 231* 250 -7.6%
Rape 607 674 -9.9%
Robbery 8739 9676 -9.7%
Agg Assaults ** 7530 8637 -12.8%
Total Violent Crimes 17107 19237 -11.1%


Burglary 13237 14405 -8.1%
BTFV 21915 22769 -3.8%
Personal/Other Theft 20821 22251 -6.4%
Auto Theft 13186 14306 -7.8%
Total Property Crimes 69,159 73,731 -6.2%
Total Part I Crimes 86,266 92,968 -7.2%

* Numbers reflects a change in reclassification for Uniform Crime Reporting (UCR) guidelines and numbers are adjusted accordingly.

** Prior to 2005, Aggravated Assaults included Child/Spousal Simple Assaults


Suspect in Dallas police chase that ended on Love Field runway indicted on federal charges

As we can see, a defender in the car might have stopped this car jacking nut altogether! When you think of your self defense, it isn't always where you might think you have to defend yourself. A self defense weapon (defender) should be handy in your car too! I would suggest a more aggressive tool like a Defender 2 or the like. Don't give a car jacker a chance to destroy your day or your family!!!!

Suspect in Dallas police chase that ended on Love Field runway indicted on federal charges: "

Michael BrowneA federal grand jury has indicted a carjacking suspect who led police on a wild August chase that ended on a Dallas Love Field runway in August.

Michael Laurence Browne (right), 46, of Dallas faces one count of interfering with security screening personnel, according to the U.S. attorney's office in Dallas. The indictment, which is posted below, alleges that Browne knowingly assaulted an airport security employee with a dangerous weapon (his truck) when he drove through a fence and nearly hit the guard, the U.S. attorney's office said.

Browne also faces charges in a string of violent robberies throughout the Dallas area committed in the weeks before his August 19 arrest.

If convicted of the federal charge, Browne faces up to life in prison and a $250,000 fine. He remains in the Dallas County Jail, where his bail is set at $870,000.

Michael Browne federal indictment

--Scott Goldstein/Reporter"