Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Women's Martial Arts

No woman should ever study "mixed martial arts" as a self defense program! What a way to get yourself killed!!!1

Women's Martial Arts: "Women are possibly the most common victims of violence, be it domestic abuse, a mugging or the criminal rapist and this is no time for a woman to find out that her skill levels for survival are sadly lacking if this happens. It stands to reason this could happen, it could be as simple as being in the wrong place at the wrong time."

Where Are We Safe? Random Crimes Remind Us of Personal Safety

Most of this article sucks. If this doesn't turn your stomach and show you that YOU need to take charge of your self defense, nothing will. Clearly, this author has no dealings with violence. A person who is intent on attacking you isn't going to run away if you have "personal alarm"! Stupid!!! Also, noticing who is close to you isn't any form of self defense. So, I would suggest that "We are the weapon"... we need to know how to defend ourselves and our loved ones. Like a self defense weapon is a great start... also knowing how to use a knife and how to defend ourselves against weapons, is another great start....

Where Are We Safe? Random Crimes Remind Us of Personal Safety: "At home, work and school, we all expect, and hope for, a reasonable degree of safety. Violent, unprovoked crimes certainly cannot always be anticipated or prevented, however, there are potentially threatening situations that we can take more control over by employing personal awareness and technological resources."

Monday, September 28, 2009

Update: Roseville police look for reasons behind triple killing

Here is another case in point to have defenders (self defense weapon) or better in your house! Had these people been armed or had thought of their home safety, the outcome might be different. What can you learn from this? What would you change for your own home safety?

Update: Roseville police look for reasons behind triple killing: "

From Chelsea Phua and Bill Lindelof:

Roseville police said today they are investigating why a reported home invasion ended in a bloody scene where three people lay dead.

The incident, which began when a 16-year-old boy called police to report an intruder in the home he shared with his parent, resulted in the shooting of his mother and father and the suicide of the intruder, police said.

All three people were found dead in an upstairs bedroom of the house on the 1600 block of Alnwick Drive late Tuesday night, police said. The teenager was unharmed.

Neither the mother, 49, the father, 52, or the suspected shooter, a 35-year-old man, have been identified, pending notification of family.

'Nothing indicates that this is random,' said Roseville police detective Jerry Wernli said. Police suspect no other people are involved in the killings.

Roseville police spokeswoman Dee Dee Gunther said that shortly before 9 p.m. Tuesday police received a 911 call from the son reporting that a man, whom he did not know, had entered his house and shot his parents. The boy escaped, although it's unclear if he fled the house before officers arrived, police said. He was taken to safety by officers.

Police said that although the teen did not know the suspected killer, the man was known to his parents. Detectives are investigating the relationship between the gunman and the boy's parents and also the motive for the killing.

About 10 officers responded initially, Gunther said. Police surrounded the house and closed nearby streets to traffic. They later summoned the Tri-Cities Regional SWAT team, which deployed a camera-equipped robot to check the interior of the house before team members entered the building at about 1:40 a.m.

Five cars, including two Sports-Utility vehicles, were parked outside the house, which was cordoned off with yellow crime scene tape. Detectives and crime scene technicians worked gathering evidence.

Autopsies will be conducted Thursday.

The killings are an anomaly in Roseville, a city known for its low violent crime rate. 2008 FBI statistics ranked the city as the safest from violent crime in the region for cities of similar size. The last homicide in Roseville was in March 2007.


Self Defense Items to Fight Crime

This is a decent article, raw these days from the supposed self defense experts. The only real improvement would be in his item #2, he should have included a "self defense weapon"!!!!

Self Defense Items to Fight Crime: "When I think of crime fighting, I think of one thing-a super hero like Batman, Spiderman, Superman et.al. They can certainly get it done. Next I think of local law enforcement. But here we are talking about self defense items. Read on to find out what they can do for you."

Thursday, September 24, 2009

New Email...Nearly got mugged by two large chaps

News Flash.. Or Email that is. I just got this email from a new Defender (self defense weapon) client... Here it is...

Hi Peter... Just to let you know I was in London late the other evening and nearly got mugged by two large chaps. I took my defender out of my pocket and held it sort of as you would a gun... the conversation from the two bad guys went something like this "he has a thing in his hand what is it? Don't know... lets get out of here". End of story.

My defender lives in my pocket just like a set of keys even the police here have not commented on it and even a pocket torch is considered to be an offensive weapon here.

Great little gadget! While I was learning to use it at the self defense /boxing club, it annoyed the hell out of those who were helping me. They were definitely pain compliant and just could not get a grip to hold on me... all simple moves nothing fancy.

Thanks Les
United Kingdom

Other good self defense articles to read

I'm not sure if those who follow this blog realize that I have compiled a pretty decent list of other self-defense articles for your reading. They do in fact cover a wide range of products and thoughts, of course I'm prejudiced in that I think everyone should have a self-defense weapon first and then gather other forms of weapons. Tasers for example are a great standoff weapon and as an attacker closes the distance to close quarter combat then a self defense weapon would take over. You have to realize that you have rings or distances around you and that various self-defense weapons operate in that rain or distance. Anyway, I'm slightly off-topic but here is a link for everyone's enjoyment.


No more foot chases for police?

This is being reported: The mayor of a South Carolina town has banned police officers in the city from chasing suspects. WSPA reports

Ok, maybe we should pay for the bad guys to go to the gym so they can improve their running skills! Just grab stuff and run... you get away....

Can you believe this? What are we coming to here in America? Can someone please explain this to me???

Census worker found hanged in KY national forest

Here is yet another reason we need to get the self defense weapon out for self defense. I think I would rather be shot then to be hanged... So fighting back should be the first option, always...

Census worker found hanged in KY national forest: "With the word "Fed" written on (or possibly carved into) his chest. The victim is a man named Bill Sparkman, 51, who worked for Census and was a substitute teacher. (He was also an Eagle Scout, his mother told the..."

The men who stare at goats and the predator

I wrote a history lesson on how I got involved with "the men who stare at goats"... Everything from the first Earth Battalion, Jon Ronson, the self defense weapon then known as the "Predator"... here is the a little bit of it and I will provide a clip at the end...

"Here is the story of how we got connected to the men who stare at goats...

In 2004 I got a call from John Sergeant from the BBC channel 4, who was connected to Jon Ronson. He wanted to know if I knew some about some military programs: MK Ultra and others. Some I knew of and others not so. I agreed to meet them in a few months and show them a few things. They were interested in psychic warrior stuff. Some of what they were asking about was more in line with Ki energy flow and such. They wanted to know if I could set someone on fire by touching them? "yes" I said. They asked if I could freeze someone by touching them? "no" I said. Then they asked if I could kill a goat by staring at it? "I don't know why I would want to as I have never had a goat try to kill me on the battle field", I said. We made an appointment to meet in a few months and I then went to work to set the stage to answer many of their questions."

Click here to view the page...

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

In two separate incidents, would-be laptop robbers are thwarted by victims and witnesses, Dallas police say

Finally... victims who fight back... what a concept. As you read this blog entry on the particulars, keep in mind what could have been done with a self defense weapon! First case, the guy wouldn't have to be down on the ground to hold his attacker for the police. Rather, he could have done a finger capture and lock out his attackers arm. As the second attacker came on the scene, using the same self defense weapon, with the first attacker attached... he could have fending him off. But, when help jumped in, can you imagine what two good guys with self defense weapons could have done to two bad guys! We need more success stories like this.... and we need to get our self defense weapons in the hands of potential victims...

In two separate incidents, would-be laptop robbers are thwarted by victims and witnesses, Dallas police say: "

They say never to resist a mugger. But in two separate incidents yesterday evening, victims and witnesses resisted would-be robbers and won.

The first happened about 6 p.m. in the student lounge of El Centro College in downtown Dallas. The victim (I'll presume he was a student, though I haven't verified that) was typing on a laptop in his lap.

--Steve Thompson/Reporter"

Monday, September 21, 2009

The defender in George Clooneys hands!

Ok... we had a name change from the "Predator" to the "Defender" a few years back, but... in the new movie "the men who stare at goats"... the defender made it into his hands.. here is a link to the clip on youtube....


COMPSTAT Citywide Profile

Look at these stats!!! 18,606 violent crimes in 2008 alone!!!! Holly heck... 18,606!!! Just think of that number for a moment. This in LA alone, I think, and what defenders might do to the outcome of any of those stats!!!! We need to start training people and getting the word out, don't you think? We can have an impact on these poor people with our self defense weapons, so lets start training people, shall we? Or what are you waiting for?

COMPSTAT Citywide Profile: "

Crime Statistics September 12, 2009

VIOLENT CRIMES 2009** 2008** % Chg

Homicide 221* 265 -16.6%
Rape 546 588 -7.1%
Robbery 8580 9151 -6.2%
Agg Assaults ** 7762 8602 -9.8%
Total Violent Crimes 17,109 18,606 -8.0%


Burglary 12494 13320 -6.2%
BTFV 19791 20740 -4.6%
Personal/Other Theft 18910 19483 -2.9%
Auto Theft 12764 15524 -17.8%
Total Property Crimes 63,959 69,067 -7.4%
Total Part I Crimes 81,068 87,673 -7.5%

* Numbers reflects a change in reclassification for Uniform Crime Reporting (UCR) guidelines and numbers are adjusted accordingly.

** Prior to 2005, Aggravated Assaults included Child/Spousal Simple Assaults


Person of Interest Sought in Murder of East Hollywood Resident

With out knowing all the details other then here is another dead person due to physical attack, at least with a defender one has a better chance of surviving this kind of attack. I hope we get the word out and start to train more people! A simple knife defense with a defender is to use the defender in a "bonk" configuration... otherwise to "smack" the hand that is holding the knife, if at all possible. If not, then bonk anything you can reach and don't stop!!!

Person of Interest Sought in Murder of East Hollywood Resident: "

Los Angeles:
The Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) is seeking the public’s help
in locating a person of interest who may have been at the scene of a
murder in East Hollywood.

On August 28, 2009, at around 8 p.m., LAPD Rampart Division officers
responded to a radio call of a person screaming at 939 North Mariposa
Avenue in East Hollywood. Officers discovered the victim, Paulina
Ibarra, deceased on the floor of her apartment. The suspect(s) had
apparently entered the victim’s apartment and engaged in a physical
confrontation, resulting in the victim being stabbed to death. The
suspect(s) then left in an unknown location and have not yet been

However, a person of interest is being sought. This person is believed
to have been at the scene of the crime and is identified as 24-year-old
Jesus Catalan (also known as Brian Nanes or Luis Santiago), a male
Hispanic, five feet nine inches tall, 140 pounds, with black hair and
brown eyes. He has a tattoo of an unknown figure on his upper right

To view a flier that accompanies this release that depicts the suspect and his tattoo click here.

Catalan is a parolee at large, and considered armed and dangerous.

LAPD Rampart Division Homicide Unit detectives are asking for the
public’s help in locating him. He is believed to be homeless and
frequents the Hollywood and East Hollywood areas.

Anyone with information about this crime or the person of interest is
asked to call Detectives Michael Arteaga or Chris Linscomb, Rampart
Detective Division, at 213-484-3650. During off-hours, calls may be
directed to a 24-hour, toll-free number at 1-877-LAPD-24-7 (527-3247).
Callers may also text “Crimes” with a cell phone or log on to
www.lapdonline.org and click on Web tips. When using a cell phone, all
messages should begin with “LAPD.” Tipsters may remain anonymous.


Saturday, September 19, 2009

Private memorial today for slain Art Institute of Dallas student; police investigation continues

Again... unfortunately another dead college student! Parents, consider teaching your kids about how to protect themselves before you send them off to college. My prayers go out to the family!

Private memorial today for slain Art Institute of Dallas student; police investigation continues: "

Samantha NanceThe Art Institute of Dallas has scheduled a private memorial this morning for Samantha Michelle 'Shelley' Nance, who was found murdered in her apartment one week ago today. The campus service is open to students, faculty, staff and invited guests.

Funeral services for Nance were held yesterday in her native Italy, Texas. The 20-year-old Italy High School graduate 'loved animals, computers, and anything to do with art,' according to an obituary on the Wayne Boze Funeral Home website. She 'was well on her way to achieving her life's dreams of being an artist.'

Nance had not been seen for a few days before she was found dead in her northeast Dallas apartment, police said. There was no sign of forced entry, leading investigators to believe she was likely killed by someone she knew.

--Scott Goldstein/Reporter"

You might be addicted to Facebook when . . .

Well... this has nothing to do with defenders but I thought it worth passing on!

You might be addicted to Facebook when . . .: "While allegedly burglarizing a house, Jonathan G. Parker, 19, of Fort Loudoun, Pa., decided to check his Facebook account on his victim's computer. Fortunately for authorities, Parker forgot to log out and his account was still open when the victim..."

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Penis chopping woman must wait for verdict

We need to send money to the defendant! I know.. I know... but there is some interesting view points here... I believe in tattoos.... two in particular.. one on your pubic area the other on your penis... so, once recovered you can claim yours via identical tattoos...

Penis chopping woman must wait for verdict: "TURKEY: A woman accused of cutting off her lover's penis must wait while a court determines whether his re-attached penis still functions.


Saturday, September 12, 2009

Missing Yale Student's Body Reportedly Found

So dam sad!!! We need to get serious about our safety... Defenders... self defense weapons, tasers.... what ever... we need to give our children a fighting chance...

Missing Yale Student's Body Reportedly Found: "New reports about missing Yale University graduate student Annie Le, are painting a grim picture to what could end the search for her."

Man Punched So Hard He Loses Half His Skull

Case in point.... if this poor guy had a Self Defense Weapon... this might not have happened... Thugs, we need to change the tables on them and protect ourselves...

Man Punched So Hard He Loses Half His Skull: "Two British thugs who punched a young man so hard surgeons had to remove half of his skull have escaped charges."

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Suspected Serial Killer Faces 5 More Homicide Counts

Nine more women dead! Again, we need to take our self defense seriously here people... if these nine had some form of self defense, like a self defense weapon, things might be different! At least, they might have had a fighting chance. Wouldn't you like your wife or children to have a fighting chance? Take a good look at his face... and think about it... Seriously

Suspected Serial Killer Faces 5 More Homicide Counts: "A suspected serial killer was charged in the killings of five more women in Milwaukee."

The Power of Intuition

A great article as I have said.... "follow your gut"... don't over think things... and have your self defense weapon at the ready!

The Power of Intuition: "

When is it safe to go with your gut?


LIVESHOTS: Churches Have to Worry About Security

Here is yet another example where the Self Defense Weapon could be a great plus to an organization!

LIVESHOTS: Churches Have to Worry About Security

Dangerous Pedophile Clusters Shelter Sex Offenders

This is another great reason to get your kids into the self defense weapon... The weapons could be taught to children to protect them these scum bags! Don't let your kids be a victim... PLEASE....

Dangerous Pedophile Clusters Shelter Sex Offenders: "When police raided the home of convicted sex offender Philip Garrido and freed Jaycee Lee Dugard, a girl who'd been kidnapped 18 years earlier, they were astounded to learn that more than 100 other sex offenders lived is the same area."

Thursday, September 03, 2009

I ran across these sites which are interesting to read... take a look see...

  • Self Defense Items to Fight Crime - Remember a self defense weapon is meant to give you time to get away from a dangerous situation. They are not meant to injure or maim-they just won’t/can’t do that. Chances are if you are reading this that crime has touched your life in ...

  • The Cane Emerges As A Self-Defense Weapon - USA Today describes a “new world of self-defense for seniors” taught by Mark Shuey, founder of Cane Masters, a Lake Tahoe, Nv.-based company that manufactures custom canes. Shuey, a tae kwon do and hapkido expert, created an exercise ...