Sunday, April 26, 2009

Defenders update

Wow.. it has been some time since I had the chance to write on this blog. Well, let me say that the defenders have been enjoying a good run, both from sales but also from the growing instructors group. Check it out here We now have instructors in England, Ireland, Australia, and the US. Many are really moving out too, I must say as they are holding classes and teaching. Everyone is always surprised at how these tools really work, as we all look at them and say "what the heck". However, as time moves on and more use them, its obvious what they can do.

I am also gathering more success stories and should get those up here and the site as well. I have done an upgrade to the site too. I will be adding more pages in the very near future.

I have had to secure a new manufacturing group for the tools as well. We are having them made in America, good news, and as such we are doing our part in supporting our economy.

Oh, also worth noting, our defenders have been used in Iraq and Afghanistan! Our tools go to war!! Can't get into the details but privately the stories are very good. The most interesting thing or mod that is going on is a lanyard to their wrist. This way they can let the tool dangle while they do a body search but with a quick swing up, the tool lands right in their hands ready for use again. There are always pro's and con's when it comes to things being attached to your body, but it is something that is evolving from the field and worth noting.

We also have something like 13 models now, as if we need more, but they keep getting invented. Our latest commercial version is the "stealth". As you can see it is very small and is low profile for easy of concealment plus use. One of its new items is the offset tail, as it allows for digit removal very quickly (counter grab).