Friday, November 30, 2007

We have a new "Newsletter" up on

Yep.. We have a really nice newsletter up on or actually the precise link is :
Written by Paige Brusso Sensei... I didn't know that she was a talented writer but I have found a great new talent in Paige Sensei that I intend to push... smile.. a Sensei's prerogative.

I am going to task Paige Sensei to do an Anjing Banfa newsletter too. So she may be contacting many of you for an interview.

Remember that if you are looking for that special holiday gift.. think of a Defender... We have 11 models so there has to be something for every person on your list!

I am going to try to have a "Defender Bite" video technique on Asksensei each week. I will try to isolate those chunks of video for the Defender site too.


Master Peter Brusso

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Kerry Sensei took plastic to a knife figtht!

Yep, that’s what he did. You can see his presentation to the “Brotherhood of the Blade” seminar in Chicago this summer on Ask Sensei. Here is a link to the file: .

Kerry Sensei was loved by all except the people he picked to demonstrate the techniques on, as in his words: “I kept asking for volunteers and the whole room kept moving farther from me so I just started picking them”. He got a kick out of teaching the class and exposing them to a new self-defense tool.

Both he and Master Porter flew to Chicago to teach and both were well received by the group. I heard that everyone thought they were great teachers and our material was of great value to all who attended. We have also received some good orders from the group as well. In addition, the organizer (Dave Vargas) is now a big fan of the tools, so much so, that he is teaching them to a large police seminar next year. I might join him too! It is good that the tools are finally getting the exposure they deserve. Dave has even started working the tool into his classes and developing new techniques! That is just what an artist should do: absorb the tool into their techniques. Good show Dave!