Thursday, September 13, 2007

Stupid People

I am proud to say that I am banned from one of the self defense forums! I had to relearn how many really stupid people there are out there. The defender is one of the newest martial arts tools invented over the last 200 years and people just can't get over it. Many people still want to use a stick to defend themselves and can't move up to a more modern weapon.

Once upon a time, two combatants fought, and one picked up a rock and won the fight.. next time he put it on the end of stick.. and won... and then next he put a small rock on the end of a stick and throw it.. and won.. etc... weapons have evolved and man has used them in combat. The defender takes ones self defense to a whole new level. It is far better and allows you to do things to your opponent that a kuboton can never do. It becomes effortless to defend yourself and to dramatically improve your self defense options.

New to the world, we are seeing those who might still use a musket for their defense... and there is a law of evolution underway here... don't be caught with a musket... old technology.. step up and see the future of self defense tools: the Defenders. and

Master Peter Brusso