Monday, January 15, 2007


Wow… I started podcasting last year and have had great results, both in traffic to my site, but also in emails plus followings! I went to the podcast expo show in 2006 just to see what it was all about and got hooked on the concept. I’m doing audio podcasting at the moment but those who know realize that I have a great video blog engine too… video Blogging is still in its infancy but it is growing.

I’m using as my audio server. You can my podcast program at so go take a listen. What it has done for my site traffic is just wild. I have been experimenting with new ways to drive people to ones web site, so I have been using forums and podcasting to see which works best. Well, podcasting is hands down the winner. Stats one might ask? Well in October I changed the infocard site completely and also didn’t have much traffic due to how I use the site. Podcasting hit and I went to 5,000 unique visitors in Nov, and 15,000 in Dec! Wow… that is really some traffic eh? And the topic of the podcasts are business not sex! Anyway, if you are looking to drive traffic to your site, this is something to consider.

On another note, as of January, I’m back in Anaheim working from my home office, enjoying the family and re-starting my infocard clients/business. I’m still consulting in SD but that looks to becoming to a close. I have started working on developing my “video directory” business and am putting up a site on that topic over the next few weeks. On the calendar… is the Inaugural ball shoot Jan 20th at the City Club on Bunker Hill. Infocard is shooting the event to document the event and use it as a promotions tool for the club. Should be a fun black tie event. I will be having 3 crews covering the event. The theme this year… it’s a secret every year. Once we are finished with the production, I will put some footage up on for those to see what a great party the Inaugural ball really is…

I just put up new audio on, Networking and Elevator pitches.. Take a listen as it is the new year and if you don’t have a business plan, you should..

Master Peter Brusso