Sunday, November 12, 2006

Jon Ronson and

It has been some time since I have blogged here! Sorry about all of that. Let me say, I'm back from Hawaii where I finally got to see Jon Ronsons "the men who rule the world"... Or something like that... Where I finally got to see my contribution! It's true I wacked the heck out of him!!!!

However, in Hawaii I decided to write my golf book...

I was sitting overlooking the golf course in Hawaii, talking with a friend (Chaplin Tannis) about golf and all the things golfers do wrong; concerning how they approach the game. We watched all of these things pan out, right in front of us... And I got motivated to write the book.

Once back I hooked up with Carl Braun, a person who I met in a training class I was helping in... He is an author, which I didn't know at the time but he did internet marketing. I wanted to get his thoughts on how to get the book out on the market for Xmas. Well, that is where the adventure started... We did the book, and an entire golfing program! So, you can hear our podcasts at

Anyway, I'm sure Jon Ronson will be very interested in adding that one of his crazy rulers is now a golf instructor, especially as I don't play golf! That's right... I don't play golf.. The story is in the podcasts... Also you can visit:

We produced a 5 disk series for the mental side of the game of golf: The four step process, putt like a maniac, drive like a pro, course management and a quick start guide you listen to on the way to the course. These are available in digital download and CD ROMs... So you just don't know where Jon Ronsons interviewee's will show up!