Tuesday, March 22, 2005

The Ronsonator

The new name for the new tool is complete. The "Ronsonator" hit the streets recently and the initial feed back is GREAT. The US Marines that are using it, un-officially, or training with it LOVE it!!!! It truly is a tool without parallel... it under went it's first training without any issues. The individuals that used it found it had a "no nonsense" approach and had a very difficult time not to draw blood. We performed multiple man attacks with the greatest of ease. Training started with the normal Defender 1 and I waited until we had walked through the more “aggressive” models, to finally end up at the Ronsonator. Once the new features were illustrated and practiced a bit, the fun began. With new aggressors that had no idea what we were doing, they came at the Marines with the goal to take them down. Well, all of you who have practiced with a Defender or have been on the business end of said device knows what happened. Needless to say, it was fun for the Marines… and not the aggressors! As the Ronsonator is out in the field now, we should be more feed back on the various new aspects of this tool.