Thursday, January 05, 2012

A combination of weapons might be a great option

The occupy protesters are showing up at your work place now! Are you prepared for this event, coming, going or arriving at work with protesters? Well, it’s even more important now then ever before to have some training in personal protection.

Consider the use of both Pepper Spray and a Defender (SelfDefense Weapon) for your personal self defense.

I was contacted recently by a gentleman named Joseph Morris of and that made me think of using both tools in ones self defense. The pepper stray is good for a medium to long distance weapon to help stop a close quarters attack from happening. Or at least you might slow it down and degrade the attackers will to hurt you. But as they close, best to use some other tool for close quarters or hand to hand fighting. The combination of pepper stray in your non favored hand and the self defense weapon in your favored hand (a defender), could go a long way to helping you defend yourself and/or your loved ones. Please visit the Self Defense Weapon at and pepper spray at Joseph Morris’s site

Master Peter Brusso