Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Defend Yourself! You Have 2 Choices When it Comes to Self Defense - A Chance, Or No Chance at All!

This is an interesting article that I thought I would pass on. It does expose the issue of taking your safety seriously, personal safety, womens self defense, or just your basic self defense. Granted he is trying to sell something but if that something can save your life... its worth it. Just as in my Self Defense Weapon... its for sale, it works, gives you a fighting chance and easy to learn. Yes, its for sale. Most good things in our life come to us at a price. What is your safety worth? Your life worth? It all has a price. So does death. I choose to live and protect myself and my loved ones. Enjoy the article...

Defend Yourself! You Have 2 Choices When it Comes to Self Defense - A Chance, Or No Chance at All!: "People have different beliefs about whether or not they could ever be attacked. Basically, you have 2 choices when it comes to self defense. 1 of these choices gives you a fighting chance - the other gives you no chance at all! The purpose of this article is to give you both, an ex-cop's perspective on the subject - and to point out the secret of survival in a real-world self defense attack!"

We have the self defense weapon February newsletter up and now available for my blog readers. Lots of cool stuff about the defenders, the men who stare at goats movie, the instructors micro-sites, our sizzle video and more. You can get the newsletter by clicking on the link above or the picture to the left. I hope you enjoy! Master Peter Brusso

A new article on the Self Defense Weapon and other inventions of Peter Brusso

This article is new and covers the defenders and much more! It’s an interesting read as it covers many good things about inventions. Other people who are inventors should find this article interesting too. It covers the self defense weapon in addition to other invention topics of mine (Peter Brusso). I hope you enjoy the new article…

Saturday, February 06, 2010

Great way to take away a gun with a self defense weapon!

This technique works so well!!! The bad guy can't wait to give you the gun! The self defense weapon is pressed against the small bone in the thumb. First, as usual the four weapons laws apply 1) clear the angle of attack, 2) control the weapon, 3) disarm the weapon (which this clip shows using a Defender or Predator), and then neutralize your opponent... in this case held at gun point until help arrives. Paige Brusso does a great job on this clip. This clip was part of a much larger shoot thus the time code...

New article about me but does include the Defender

Here is a new article about me that includes the Defender or Predator as seen in the movie "the men who stare at goats"... Here is the link